Why should we consider hosting exchange teachers through your program?

With years of experience in managing teacher exchange program, IER has earned a great reputation for its fast turnaround service and continually works hard to achieve the goal of promoting cross cultural exchange through our teacher program. Exchange teachers are devoted and passionate about teaching and cultural activities. Many of them come from diverse backgrounds that reflect the current student population in U.S schools and will definitely be an advantage for any school.

Are those teachers speaking fluent English?

Applicants must pass  IER English Fluency Assessment and are screened before forwarding to host schools for further interview. Many teachers attended the educational institutions where English is an instructional language.

What are the risks or benefits of hiring exchange teachers?

Our exchange teachers are hard working and dedicated professional. Many host school have reported that exchange teachers have made a positive impact to their students and community. Not only the academic aspect but also the cross cultural experiences are very rewarding for everyone.

Are teachers currently located in the U.S?

Most teachers are located outside of the U.S.

What are the general steps in hiring a foreign exchange teacher in your program?

It usually takes about 2-6 weeks for teachers to receive a visa after confirmation of hiring is signed.  Due to recent high volume interview schedule at the U.S Embassy, it is highly recommended to start the process early to avoid any unexpected delay.

  • Resumes Request/Review- IER staff will send resumes for school to review upon request.
  • Virtual Interview with selected teachers- IER staff will set up an interview for school with the selected teachers via zoom, google meet or skype. Each teacher is generally arranged about 20-30 minutes interview time. Due to time zone difference, early morning is recommended.
  • Selected Exchange Teachers-Once school would like to proceed the hiring for the exchange teachers, IER will send over documents for signature.
  • Visa Application-Once documents signed and received, IER will start the visa application for exchange teachers to apply a J1 visa at the US embassy in their home country or at the country of current residency.
  • License application-IER will provide the US educator license information for exchange teachers to prepare the documents needed. Teachers will be the one mailing the documents directly to the Department of Education in the state they are hired. Many state department of education require social security number for the application, therefore, teachers will not be able to receive a US educator license without a SSN. SSN can only be obtained when they apply in person after arriving in the U.S. Generally, international certified teachers are eligible for a provisional license for at least one year.
  • Exit Clearance-IER will provide documents required for teachers to exit the country. Some countries have additional requirement for teachers to work outside of their home country.
  • Orientation-IER will conduct a virtual orientation for exchange teachers.
  • Housing-some host schools have school housing available for teachers to stay, if not, usually schools will support to provide some housing information for the teachers, temporarily housing or if someone who can share the housing with the teacher.
  • Transportation- usually teachers will stay in a place that is in walking distance or in the school bus route. Carpool is also an option for the teachers. Many schools we work with are supportive to the teachers and we have not heard any issue for the housing or transportation so far.
  • Ongoing support and monitor exchange teachers in the program

How will teachers do the fingerprint?

All our exchange teachers are required to complete their background check in their home country. Once job is offered, selected candidates will start their visa and licensure application including fingerprint card as part of the State licensure requirement. Many of them have never been to the US, so the record is mostly blank. Fingerprint card has higher rejection rate, so some of them may need to do it again electronically when they arrive in the US.

Do you provide resources for them to find housing? Is that something that the school has to do?

Generally, host school will provide such information or resources to the teachers, since host school has better knowledge about the local housing information near the campus that teachers will be assigned.

What is the average salary for exchange teachers?

Exchange teachers are expected to be paid like local US teachers based on their experience and education attainment.

What kind of services does IER provide to the teachers?


  • Program Orientation – pool of applicants will be given a detail information about how exchange program works including requirement, expenses and fees, regulation..etc..
  • Prescreening – applicants who meet the requirement will be screened for their English proficiency
  • Exams preparation – teachers are guided to take TOFEL/Praxis exams
  • Credential Documents evaluation – assists in course-by-course evaluation. exams, background check. reference checks, health check. This process can take up to three months
  • Interview with host schools – teachers will be arranged for several interviews with host schools until hired. Some may take up to 4-5 interviews.
  • Visa – teachers will be guided on how to book interview and obtain visa at the Embassy.  Official documents will be processed and provided for teachers.
  • License – teachers will be guided on how to obtain state educator license, fingerprinting process
  • US classroom management workshop – teachers will be trained to minimize the cultural shock
  • Pre-arrival orientation – general information about tax, obtain official documents in the US, transportation
  • Arrival webinar – information about US cultural in general

Arrival In the U.S 

  • Provide support on issues in the school
  • J-1/2 Mandatory Health Insurance enrollment
  • Travel validation
  • Process dependents related documentation
  • Guide and ensure exchange teachers completing cultural reports and evaluation
  • Assist transfer related situation
  • Provide 24-7 emergency contact support
  • Periodical wellness check on exchange teachers
  • Monitor and provide guidance on cultural activities and reporting
  • Evaluate teachers performance in school