The purpose of the Teacher Exchange Program is to enroll Exchange Visitors to teach full-time in primary and secondary accredited educational institutions. This promotes the interchange of American and foreign teachers in public and private schools and the enhancement of mutual understanding between people of the United States and other countries. Our program allows exchange teacher to participate actively in cross-cultural activities with Americans in schools and communities, and to return home ultimately to share their experiences and their increased knowledge of the United States. Such exchanges enable exchange teacher to understand better American culture, society, and teaching practices at the primary and secondary levels, and enhance American knowledge of foreign cultures, customs, and teaching approaches.

We believe education is the most critical element that impacts the people around the world. A cross cultural exchange experience will allow teachers to prepare students for the new global community and minimize the conflicts. IER Teacher Exchange Program is managed by a group of professional people who have years of experience in Teachers Exchange Program in the U.S and oversea.


We were able to utilize the program to bring a highly qualified Math teacher to our school. The teacher we got from IER was very talented and professional. He helped our school reach our educational goals.

John B, Superintendent
Hysham Montana

I am writing this in supporting International Expert Resources for the service and opportunities they have provided to our school to be part of the J1 Teaching Exchange Program.

With IER, we are extremely fortunate to obtain teachers and bring them to teach here with us. We know that our students are receiving the best education with J1 Teaching Exchange Program teachers.


Our experience has been nothing less than being totally satisfied with their knowledge, effort, experience, and professionalism, in their efforts to secure quality instructors in our district. Even in the face of unusual and extreme difficulties they persevered and did everything humanly possible to facilitate the arrival of teacher we had contracted to teach in our schools. IER is an outstanding organization that meets all expectations and goes the extra mile to meet all their obligations to their clients, both the employers and potential employees.


I can honestly attest that the International Exchange Program has been nothing short of professional, courteous, extremely helpful, and above all else, expedient….The teachers that they have recommended and that we have hired through their services have all been excellent assets to the Deming Public School District. They have all acclimated very well here and have made many positive relations within the community of Deming……..I’m happy to recommend the services of the International Expert Resources to any of my fellow educators across the state as well as the nation

Shane Coker, Assistant Principal

I just wanted to update you on some of the hires that we made with you…..They are very hard workers that take their craft very seriously. They are not only part of our school community but they are active in a local church. They are wonderful teachers that continue to grow professionally. Each day they give 100% for their students. They are truly making an impact with our students!!

I truly respect them and enjoy working with them.

Claudia Smith, Assistant Principal
New Mexico School district


Through the sponsorship, I was able to practice my profession as a teacher here in Wales, Alaska. They are very accommodating and easy to deal with. IER works professionally, compassionately, and solicitously to all teachers. They make sure that the educators under their supervision are in a good situation. They’re assisting all the teachers with regards to the documents needed in the program through sending frequent newsletters. Indeed, the extra help, service and effort they did to all teachers proves that IER works with a heart. I am proud and happy to recommend IER to all educators across the world.

Leslie DITAUNON, Elementary TEACHER

As an educator and exchange teacher, I strongly endorse IER to be the choice of becoming a visa sponsor not only for Filipino teachers but also around the globe because they serve with passion and have good communication with teachers. I hope that the IER could expand its program to help more teachers because they are a great help to the schools here in the US.

Abel Sacatani, math Teacher

Through the IER program, I have been professionally acquainted about the duties and responsibilities of an exchange teacher and my role as cultural ambassador through the conduct of local and international activities. My experience has been very satisfactory with professionalism.

I would highly recommend IER for the cultural exchange program.

Javier Martinez, Spanish teacher

I would say International Expert Resources made my dream of teaching in an American school a reality. Right from submitting my application to my arrival in the United State, IER provided their full support and guidance which made my transition really easy and safe. I feel fortunate enough to become part of this cultural exchange program because of IER’s guidance.

IER comprises of highly competent professionals. It’s their transparent approach and professionalism which sets them apart from others. I feel blessed to be recruited and mentored by the IER team and can proudly say that because of this highly competent IER team this whole process became a cakewalk for me. I am highly impressed with the services received from IER and have no hesitation in recommending International Expert Resources. My sincerest thanks to the wonderful IER team.

Diti Bhardwaj, 4th Grade Teacher

I am so grateful to be one of the teachers in the J1 Teacher Program of International Expert Resources (IER) that helps me to be a more successful teacher. IER provides a lot of information that I need to know before I came here to the US. IER guides and constantly monitors my status especially during Covid19 Pandemic. The representatives of IER are always willing to help 24/7 which makes me more comfortable because they are doing their best to help and protect their exchange teachers here in the US. As of now, I learned a lot of things here in the US, especially in developing my professional skills. It is really a life-changing opportunity for me and I am really thankful to IER for their support. This is also the reason why I highly recommend their program to many friends of mine in the Philippines and I am looking forward to IER’s program in helping more teachers like me.

Raymond mendoza, 5th grade teacher
North Dakota

IER staff is very professional and know exactly what they are doing. They give you all the necessary guidelines from the beginning of the application process until you acquire the visa. While in the United States, they provide you with all the necessary support and information ranging from accommodation and social security. To top it all, they have a very good relationship with most of the school districts in most of the states so the possibility of IER securing a school placement for you is very high.

I will therefore recommend IER to any international teacher who wants to participate in a cultural exchange program in the USA to contact IER immediately and their dream will be realized.

bernice tsibu, elementary teacher

This program is a very reliable and an effective organization with regards to their good services and its commitment to the people who want to participate in the exchange program. I am so happy that I joined this wonderful and inspiring program, because ever since I applied for a teaching job in the US, the IER provides me all the updated information about positions available for teachers and brought me now in one of a good and a prestigious school here in the US….I have learned a lot from this experience both personally and professionally. And I am so happy that through this wonderful program I was able to fulfill my dreams.